We are over two months into our brand new website launch and despite a few setbacks, the launch was a huge success and it is all thanks to you, our amazing clients. While many of you are versed in many of the awesome features our new website has to offer, we figured it be a good idea to highlight a few features that can help you take your listings to the next level! We will go over a few key features of our website to ensure you are getting the most out of your Real Tours experience!

Single Property Websites Are Your Best Friend!

One of the most helpful aspects of our new system is the brand new single property website feature. While single property websites have been a service offered through Real Tours for quite some time, it was originally a paid service we offered on top of your order. Now, single property websites are offered with every order at NO additional cost to you! This opens up a whole new world of marketing opportunities. 

For those of you not familiar with single property websites, it is a dedicated website generated by our software centered around your listing and the content you purchased with us. Meaning, that every listing will have a dedicated website housing all of your content in one convenient place. 

With MLS regulations, you can’t just post a full motion video or virtual tour into the MLS. The single property website offers an easy and simple way to get all of your content into your MLS listing. You will receive both a branded and unbranded single property website. The branded will include all of your personal information as well as brokerage information. This is great for sharing on social media or to potential buyers. The unbranded version is an MLS-friendly version absent any personal branding or brokerage information. This allows you to simply copy and paste the unbranded link into the MLS and all your content will be in the listing!

The single property website is also fully customizable within our software! Using the editor tool, you are able to choose from a variety of themes, music, as well as re-arrange the order of your content! Along with the editor feature, our software also has a tracking tool that allows you to monitor site traffic and gather detailed information on who is viewing your listing! This single property website is a great tool to enhance your listing and the best part is it’s FREE with every order! 

Create Amazing Marketing Material!

One of the coolest features found in our portal is the ability to create unique marketing material for all of your listings! Within each order, you will see a “Marketing Materials” tab that will allow you to generate all types of different digital and printable marketing materials. 

There are a number of pre-created templates at your disposal that you are able to edit and customize to your liking. Things like flyers, postcards, and even digital ads can be generated through our portal. The templates will auto-generate initially with photos of your listing as well as your contact and brokerage information! 

The marketing materials feature is a great tool that comes complimentary with every order. No longer will you need to worry about outsourcing and spending money on marketing materials. It is all conveniently located in your portal and is open to use at any time! 

Don’t Forget The Real Tours Mobile App!

Along with the great features on our website, we also now have a Real Tours mobile app available for your convenience! Currently available on IOS devices, the Real Tours mobile app has many of the features you are accustomed to seeing when using our website. 

The app allows you to order and schedule photoshoots right from your phone! Along with ordering, you are able to pull up any previous orders and view and download your photos. No longer do you need to rely on being in front of a computer to get your photoshoots in order. This is going to save you time as well as be much more convenient for you and your clients. 

Download the Real Tours Mobile App HERE available on IOS devices! 

Real Tours Is Here For You!

Our goal here at Real Tours is to offer you the highest quality real estate photography possible as well as help you excel in your marketing efforts. With all of the features our software has to offer, there is no doubt you will be on the path to success! 

As always, feel free to reach out to us via email at scheduling@realtoursswfl.com or by phone at 239-464-7969 

Don’t forget about our Mobile App as well, available on all IOS devices!