What a time to be in real estate! With total real estate transactions predicted to rise 920,000 in 2022 according to the National Association of Realtors, there is no better time to be selling a home. With so many listings out there, you may find it difficult to have your listing separate itself from the rest. 

Luckily, one of the best tools for real estate listings happens to be a service you can get right here in SWFL with Real Tours! 

What is Matterport?

Matterport is a 3D virtual tour that allows anyone to view your listing from anywhere. Using 3D camera technology, our real estate photographers can take detailed scans of your home or condo, which can then be converted into a virtual walkthrough via VIA Matterport’s services. 

You probably have seen this on quite a few listings as it has become the gold standard for virtual tours. Most major listings will have some type of virtual tour you can view, but what separates Matterport from the rest? Let’s get into why Matterport will drastically improve your real estate listing.

What Does Matterport Do For You?

Matterport allows buyers to view a home, room to room, just like a real tour but from the comfort of their own home. Gone are the days of scheduling a showing with your buyers. Anyone can view anytime from anywhere, which makes your listing much more dynamic and allows for much more eyes on your property.

Aside from giving buyers the ability to view a listing from home, Matterport offers a few tools that can truly be the difference-maker for selling a listing. Along with the 3D virtual tour, Matterport provides a top-down “dollhouse” view as well as a floor plan. These features, along with the measuring tool are great for buyers who buy site unseen. 

Overall, having a matter port on your real estate listing gives you a major advantage in a lot of different ways. The ability for buyers to do everything they need from home has slowly become the norm, so having a Matterport tour for your listing is a necessity in today’s market. 

Matterport Isn’t Just For Realtors.

While Matterport obviously has incredible benefits on the real estate side, there are also major advantages to having a Matterport no matter who you are. 

Matterport is a great tool to utilize for insurance purposes as well, especially here in SWFL. Having the ability to refer to a dated 3D virtual tour could be crucial in filing a claim. Here at Real Tours, not only do we do a 3D tour of the interior but of the exterior as well. This is a great selling point for buyers knowing they have something to reference in case their property is damaged. 

Similarly, Matterport is a great tool for clients with vacation rental properties. Potential renters having the ability to do a virtual tour of their vacation rental provides a much more immersive experience for guests.  As you well know, vacation rentals can take a beating with so much turnover in-between guests. Being able to reference back to a Matterport tour after a guest leaves to check for damages is crucial when trying to assess responsibility. 

Schedule a Matterport Tour With Real Tours Today!

Matterport has become the industry leader for virtual tours. Every agent should take their listing to the next level with a 3D virtual tour. Here at Real Tours, we can make the process of improving your listing much easier, and it does not stop with Matterport. We offer both a branded and an MLS-friendly unbranded tour,  included with our Virtual Bundle. The Virtual Bundle includes up to 25 photos, a single property website with a marketing kit, and of course the 3d Matterport tour.

No matter if you are a realtor, property manager, or even a property owner, you can benefit from a Matterport tour. Whether it’s drone photos, virtual staging, or even just photographs, the team here at Real Tours is here to help and get that listing sold!

Click HERE to view a Matterport shot by our wonderful photographers here at Real Tours!