Marketing properties can be a daunting task. Making your property stand out can be difficult given the sheer amount of real estate listings popping up each and every day. Luckily, here at Real Tours, we have an incredible tool at your disposal to truly maximize your listings and go from listed to sold as quickly as possible!

What is a Single Property Website?

A single property website is a web page created with the sole purpose of displaying your listings and all the content you have received for marketing purposes. This includes photos, videos, virtual tours, and much more! Single property websites are a great marketing tool to efficiently share your listings and make it easy for potential buyers to view your listing in one, convenient place. 

Branded Vs Unbranded: What Does It Mean?

As you well know, the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) does not allow for any branded content, meaning you can not display any realtor information or include any external links to social media. Our single property website makes navigating this easy by giving you both a branded and unbranded single property website. 

The branded version, which will include your information and hope to contact you, is primarily used to market on social media and various other platforms. The unbranded version is an MLS-friendly version of the site that does not include your personal contact information! 

On top of that, the MLS does not allow for external videos such as youtube or Vimeo links. Through the single property website, however, you are abler to post the unbranded website to the MLS and include all of your content including video and virtual tours! 

How Do I Decide if I Need A Single Property Website?

Deciding if you need a single property website is easy, especially with Real Tours. You can choose to purchase a standalone single property website or decide to go with one our of various bundles, all of which include a single property website! 

The single property website is one of our most effective tools in helping you get your listings sold given its sheer versatility! 

If you are interested in a single property website, or any of our other high-quality services, be sure to give us a call at 239-464-7969 and get booked today!